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The DK - German Medical Center Ltd. is proud to be able to offer an extensive range of laboratory services covering the entire spectrum of clinical diagnostics.

All of our laboratory services are carried out in strict adherence to German regulations:

  • We participate in quarterly external quality control testing with two authorized German reference laboratories.

  • We purchase and import exclusively reagents, calibrators, test kits, and quality control serums from Germany.

  • We perform daily internal quality controls with test serums provided by HUMAN Diagnostics in Germany.

  • HUMAN Diagnostics is our prime and leading supplier for analyzers, laboratory equipment, analytical and technical devices, reagents, test kits, calibrators, and quality control material.
    HUMAN develops and manufactures in Germany laboratory diagnostic products.

  • We provide calibrated measurements every time, AND DO NOT engage in factor-based results calculations to save on reagents costs.

  • Our analytical equipment is maintained and checked regularly by authorized service engineers.

  • Our laboratory reagents are stored in a temperature-controlled environment for which 24 hour cool chain logs are maintained.

About HUMAN Diagnostics:

HUMAN Diagnostics is our primary supplier of analyzers, laboratory equipment, analytical and technical devices, reagents, test kits, calibrators and quality control materials.

HUMAN Diagnostics is a world –leading developer and manufacturer of diagnostic laboratory products headquartered in Germany and provide products of exceptionally high quality at internationally competitive prices.

This permits us, in turn, to render to our esteemed patients services with quality “made in Germany” at and in many cases below local standard pricing.




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