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The DK - German Medical Center Ltd. is proud to be able to inform its valued customers that policyholders of the insurances listed below may avail themselves of services in the DK - German Medical Center Ltd. based on their insurance cover eligibility, pay only for those services or percentages of services not covered by their policy and have the remainder of their invoice settled directly with the insurance provider courtesy of our staff.

Please note that in order to avail yourself of this category of service, insurance holders must present their policy cards as well as current, valid photographic ID upon registration so that our staff may swiftly confirm eligibility with the patient's insurance provider.

The DK - German Medical Center Ltd. is working to expand the range of its relations with major insurance providers worldwide and any updates will be reported on this present page.

Please note that the logos displayed on this page are © by their respective owners, are displayed here only as a convenience to our valued customers and that the links on this page lead away from our website.

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