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PCR - Molecular



Currently, we are offering the following PCR tests:

  • CT/NG Chlamydia trachom. & N. Gonorrhoeae

  • HBV – Hepatitis B Virus (Viral Load)

  • HCV – Hepatitis C Virus (Viral Load)

  • HIV-1 (Qualitative)

  • HIV-1 (Viral Load)

  • MTB/RIF / Screening

  • MTB/RIF Ultra / Follow up treatment

  • COVID-19 / SARS-CoV2

Over the past several years, the development and application of molecular diagnostic techniques have initiated a revolution in the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases and cancer and genetics.​

The Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one method used in molecular diagnostics. It is at present the most sensitive method to detect even very small traces of the pathogens genetic code in the human body.​

Despite the availability of automated PCR systems, most Afghan diagnostic facilities still perform PCR test by manual pipetting due to cost-saving and economical reasons.

Manually performed PCR tests provide non-standardized, less reliable test results, and in the worst case, it leads to a false negative, false positive, or invalid test results.

The PCR systems used in our facility:

We use two different PCR systems, both automated, minimizing human error and allowing us to provide standardized PCR test results according to international standards and quality requirements.

We are proudly introducing PCR diagnostics with the GeneXpert® system.
The GeneXpert® system is the most popular Molecular Diagnostic Testing Platform worldwide.

The GeneXpert® System fully integrates and automates sample extraction, amplification, and detection — all in one cartridge.

Just load a biological sample and the system does the rest.

There is no need to wait days for your test results.

The system can perform most of the PCR tests in less than one hour.


We are proudly introducing PCR diagnostics with the Boditech® system.

Boditech® provides a PCR system with fully automated extraction of samples. The system use ready prepared freeze-dried reagent tubes and requires only little pipetting steps by the Lab. technician.

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