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HUMAN Diagnostics - Quality for almost 50 years

We are exclusively using HUMAN Diagnostic analyzers and reagent kits for Clinical Chemistry tests.  

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HUMAN Diagnostics offers a broad range of routine and speciality tests to serve the needs of modern and state of the art diagnostic.

The test kits have excellent performance and quality.

HUMAN reagents and test kits are made in Germany and meeting high European quality standards. 


In Afghanistan the majority of clinical chemistry tests are usually performed manually and measuered on analyzers which require the lab. technician to mix the patients blood with several reagents and incubate the tests before reading it with manual photometer. This leads to non-standardized and non accurate results.  

The HumaStar 200 process this work fully automated without any intention of the Lab Technician. It minimize human errors as it performs all steps (pipetting, mixing, incubating and reading) automatically.


  • Rheumatoid Factor

  • C-Reactive Protein /CRP

  • Anti-Streptolysin-O (ASO)

Bone Metabolism

  • Alkaline Phosphatase

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Inorganic Phosphorus

Kidney Panel

  • Creatinine, (MDRD) 

  • Urea/BUN

  • Uric Acid,

  • Urinary Total Protein

  • Microalbumin

Immune Status

  • Anti-Streptolysin-O

  • C-Reactive Protein /CRP

Liver Panel

  • Alkaline Phosphatase

  • Bilirubin Total & Direct,

  • Cholinesterase

  • Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) 

  • gamma-GT, GOT, GPT

  • Albumin, Total Protein

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Copyright Humanoid illustration by HUMAN/Bartenbach

Cardiac Panel

  • CK-NAC

  • CK-MB

  • D-Dimer

  • Myoglobin

  • Troponin I

  • GOT (ASAT)

  • GPT (ALAT)

  • Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)

Pancreatic Tests

  • alpha-Amylase

  • Lipase

  • Pancreatic Amylase,

  • Glucose

  • HbA1c

Lipid Montitoring

  • Cholesterol

  • HDL-/LDL-Cholesterol

  • Triglycerides,

Anaemia Panel

  • Iron

  • Ferritin

Water & Electrolyte Balance

  • Sodium

  • Potassium

  • Chloride

  • Magnesium

  • Calcium

Lipid and glucose

Lipid levels is a panel of blood tests that serves as an initial screening tool for abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Monitoring and maintaining healthy levels of these lipids is important in staying healthy.


High cholesterol levels cause deposits of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Plaques can narrow or eventually block the opening of blood vessels, leading to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and increasing the risk of numerous health problems, including heart disease and stroke.


High triglycerides levels are also associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular (heart) diseases.

Blood sample with normal lipid levels 

Blood sample with very high lipid levels 

Lipid monitoring:

  • Cholesterol

  • HDL Cholesterol

  • LDL Cholesterol

  • Triglycerides


The World Diabetes Foundation estimated that 1 million Afghans have diabetes. As the prevalence in the general population is 5-9% and with a population about 30 million people it is estimated that another 1-2 million Afghans are undiagnosed and unaware of their Diabetes.

Testing / monitoring of Diabetes required previously a series of different blood and urine tests to be done in a fasting or random condition.

With the HumaMeter A1c from HUMAN Diagnostics we are to offer state of the art diagnostic and monitoring of Diabetes.

The HumaMeter A1c is an accurate, reliable and fast analyser and provides and provides easy and up to date diagnostic and monitoring of Diabetes. 

The analazer is measuring a diabetes marker called HbA1c.


This diabetic marker can be measured at any time of the day and does not depend on being fasting. Measuring the HbA1c level in the blood provides a clear diagnose and monitoring of Diabetes.

The HumaMeter A1c provides:

  • Accurate, reliable and fast HbA1c measurements

  • Test results are NGSP & IFCC certified.

  • Easy and up to date diagnosis and monitoring of Diabetes

  • Fast and accurate results in just 4 minutes.

  • New detection method can measure HbA1c with very low haemoglobin (Anemia) and very high haemoglobin concentrations and is interference free.

csm_16080_HumaMeter_A1c_472 (1).png

Glucose and Diabetes tests:

  • HbA1c

  • Random and fasting Glucose

  • OGT (oral glucose tolerance 

  • Urine glucose 

  • Urine microalbumin

  • Urine protein

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